Premiere: Ayar – Lux

Headed up by SelassieTBC and Wardo, Pattern Sounds is a London-based platform-turned-label championing the sounds of artists and DJs in London and afar. Sip Slow Vol.1 is the first compilation release from the outfit deftly showcasing the sonic breadth and depth of their extended community.

Underground and alternative are the sum of the compilation’s parts platforming warped South London rap, culturally and internally reflective hip hop from West and North London; with a large helping of soul binding it all together.

Throughout 16 tracks that fill the spaces between beats, rap and soul, our pick of a supremely strong bunch is ‘Lux’ by East London lyricist Ayar. Skipping freely over pitched up gospel-like a harmonies and sonorous beats, Ayar spins his playful lexicon threading notions of growth and hardship in poetic contemplation.

Sip Slow Vol.1 is released Friday 27th November via Pattern Sounds

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