Premiere: Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Kreuzberg Kix (GE-OLOGY’s Brooklyn SLAP Mix)

Ziggy Zeitgeist has become a leading light in a movement forging jazz and dance influences via his Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange project. Z*F*E*X brilliantly synthesizes club culture in human form. A live band experience humanising the role of the DJ within a nightclub, he successfully mixes a rich palette of house, broken-beat and jazz-funk. A key member of 30/70, the Australian drummer relocated to Berlin in 2019 where undoubtedly the permeable energy of dark dance floors and loud sound systems have further informed the artistry of the groove attentive mind. 

It seems only fitting that Z*F*E*X has returned with a club-ready EP via the nod of cult club institution, Secretsundaze. Kreuzberg Kix Vol 1 is a three track monster underpinned by the rhythmic prowess of Ziggy’s band. With help from vocalist Wayne Snow on the melodic meditation ‘Something Special’, the self-titled flip is a vibrant deep-house groove. Enlisting the help of long-term label friend GE-OLOGY for the remix treatment, the DJ / producer brings the cut to bigger and brighter territory echoing a New York house sound. True to title, this one slaps. Instilling a bouncier touch, Geo masterfully emphasizes the groove within, accentuated by big drums and a blazing mix that flesh out this jazz influenced session with ease. A first-class club hitter that further illustrates Z*F*E*X’s superlative ability to forge musical influences into something that absolutely resonates with the now. 

Kreuzberg Kix Vol 1 will be out via Secretsundaze Recordings digitally on March 26th with vinyl to follow.

Stamp The Wax · Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Kreuzberg Kix (GE-OLOGY’s Brooklyn SLAP Mix) (STW Premiere)

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