Premiere: Don Glori – After Hours

By now there shouldn’t be any confusion left over Melbourne’s place as a global hot bed within the soulful-electronic underground. In the live-sphere, a constant outpouring of compelling new talent has made it now almost impossible for music fans to keep on top of. Only two years ago Gilles Peterson presented Sunny Side Up, a compilation primer set out to showcase a generation of jazz-tipped talent that had been bubbling within. Two years on and there already feels like a new generation emerging, taking a style of modern jazz-fusion and pushing further into new club-ready territories, much akin to a movement felt worldwide.

When venerated London DJ/producer and Tribe Records head-honcho, Zepherin Saint recently relocated to Melbourne he was “blown away” by the incredible depth of talent on offer, not just in Melbourne but across Australia. Having already taken interest in taking to something more “live” in his label pursuits, the flourishing scene proved to be a catalyst to launch a brand new label. Enter Inner Sauce

Fitting for the label’s debut, Inner Sauce Volume 1 taps into a wide cross-section of a scene that has taken the DJ’s ear. Saint has enlisted the prolific Horatio Luna on curation duties, the former 30/70 bassist who has since built a profile for his own unique brand of live jazz influenced club music. Luna has handpicked an array of friends and collaborators who are making similar inspired noise across the country.

Don Glori, the Melbourne four piece led by bassist Gordon Li, delivers a pulsing house infused burner. Driven by big kick drums and dramatic keys, this hypnotic piece quickly transforms into a jazz odyssey all the while maintaining club room energy. Yearning sax and groove-led bass licks circle each other to powerful effect. Don Glori perfectly executes a sonic soundscape both inquisitive and body-moving.

Inner Sauce Volume 1 will be released on 30th April via Inner Sauce Records.

Stamp The Wax · Don Glori – After Hours (STW Premiere)

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