The in sound from way out.


Stamp The Wax began in 2011, by two friends who were bored with their degrees and wanted somewhere to talk about the music they love, found in the city they grew up in (London), studied in (Bristol and Brighton) and further afield. Six years on, our team and ambitions have grown but nothing’s changed. Whether it’s through written content, mixes, videos, radio shows and events, you will only find music that we think you should be listening to.

In 2011, Aaron and Josh got turned down as music editors for their student newspapers in Bristol and Brighton, so taught themselves coding and started a blog to share music instead. Since that fortunate rejection, Stamp The Wax has been on a nine year joy ride with the music that inspires us, working with our favourite artists, labels and promoters across written features, mixes, films and events.

We put a special emphasis on supporting creativity, noble initiatives and interesting stories, especially if others aren’t.


Aaron Levitt (Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief)
Joshua Brill
 (Co-Founder/Monday Morning Mixtapes)
Rosie Cain (Content Editor)
Mia Zur-Szpiro (Head of Film)
Andrew Mensah (News Editor)


Adam Chester
Alex Weston-Noond
Ammar Kali
Aidan Kelly
Alex Green
Alex Theodossiadis
Andrea Boni
Banoffee Pies
Ben Croft
Charlie Roberts
Charlie Towler
Conor Fuller
Equaliser London
Fergus Ewbank
George Briley
George Burden
Henry Murray
Hugo Brown
Jack Dutton
Jeremy Cocks
Joe Mills
Joel Shaw
John Hardy
Julia Kisray
Kim Kahn
Leeor Ohayon
Louis Hunt
Matt Blair
Max Meres
Mia Rafalowicz-Campbell
Mike Smaczylo
Niall Moore

Nick Wood
Oscar Henson
Patrick Forrester
Raoul Rechnitz
Rupert Muiry
Rhys Thomas
Sam Quilter
Sean Moody
Sean OD
Simon Fawcett
Sofia Leadbetter
Suraiya Hussain
Tom Beldam
Tom McGiven
William Wynne-Morgan
Vincent Morris
Will Butterworth
Yewande Adeniran