Napoli Futura: A Retrofuturistic Focus on the Neapolitan Downtown Scene

In the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, a future-facing scene has been developing that’s inspired by the history, spirit and geography of Napoli with many interconnected but unique sounds. In partnership with Audio-Technica, we visited the downtown area to meet the artists, DJs, record collectors and promoters who have been driving the scene forward, helping to make it one of the most exciting creative hubs for dance music in Europe.

Featuring interviews with: Nu Genea, Futuribile Record Club, Mystic Jungle, Whodamanny, Milord, Soul Express, Napoli Segreta, Periodica Records, ThanksMate and many more.

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Directed & Shot by Benjamin Brook
Edited by Benjamin Brook & Jerry Dobson
Produced by Aaron Levitt & Jacob Manders
Executive Production by Duncan Harrison & Jake Applebee 

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