Premiere: Sio ft. DUNN. – Reverse Flight

For as long as we can remember, it’s been the norm on house music productions for vocalists to be credited as featured artists, and rarely we see this format challenged. Johannesburg-based singer-songwriter Sio is making it her mission to flip the script on this outdated approach with the release of her new album, the aptly titled FEATURES.

Across the 12 tracks, she’s invited several producers and musicians from across South Africa to appear as featured artists—including Charles Webster, Kid Fonque, Dwson and DUNN.—who provide the beautiful sonic background for her vocals and story-telling spoken word to take centre stage.

Motivated by the challenges she’s faced as a multi-ethnic non-white woman living in South Africa, the album explores subjects that are personal to her, and her place within society, confronting themes of sexism, race, cultural appropriation, black fishing, gender-based violence and beauty privilege.

FEATURES will be released via Stay True Sounds on 23rd April.

Stamp The Wax · Sio ft. DUNN. – Reverse Flight (STW Premiere)

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