Monday Morning Mixtape 396

Credit: Michaela Scalisi

Bask in summery sounds of G funk soul and deep Brazilian 90’s club r&B, to smooth jazz-funk and infectious 80’s Zambian rock.

This week is curated by Easy Feel, new London party and record label run by Methods of Mellow founder Fergus Ewbank. Expect their first label release in late July 2022. 

In his own words “This is a bunch of summery tunes so I hope it’s a nice day when it comes out. Set yourself up by the window and listen while drinking your morning coffee in the sun, or play it in the park with your pals, a frisbee and a big bag of cans. 

Tommy Mandel – VII. Eta – Pastel
John Stammers – Idle I’m – Colorama Coloured In Remix
Napoleon Cherry – If Anybody Ask You
Space Ghost – Heaven Sent
Paul Weller – Above The Clouds
Luna & DJ Cri – Acabou Como Começou
Tapioca – Melodia
Mike Francis – Survivor
Lajamanu Teenage Band – Vision
George Scott – True Feelings
Roger Rönning – Cecilia
Giovanni Damico – Darwins Theory
Talking Heads – Burning Down the House (Alternate Version)
WITCH – You Are My Sunshine
Todd Rundgren – Healing pt. 1

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