Premiere: Zen In Space – Jannali (Allysha Joy Remix)

Earlier this year the Aussie producer Zen In Space dropped his debut album Earth Tones on Pharmaceutical Audio, a record label but know primarily as a trespass series of gatherings occurring in industrial/demolition sites in urban Australia.

Produced over two years, the LP took much of its inspiration from Australia’s landscape, melding live instrumentation, field recordings rainforest and wilderness with ambient, downtempo and experimental electronic soundscapes.

Follow up project Earth Tones Reworks, looks to further reinforce the LP’s message of preservation and respect of the Earth’s natural beauty through its sonics and provocation of thought. This is encapsulated beautifully in the work of vocalist, poet and pianist Allysha Joy, also part of Melbourne collective 30/70. Joy strips back ‘Jannali’ in almost emancipatory fashion, creating an ethereal warmth from a groove sojourned in a state of vocal confession.

Keep an eye out for more from Allysha who has a single coming out on the 30th Oct and an EP out the end of November.

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