Premiere: DJ OK – Hamster Buys

Since their inception in 2011, Dublin’s First Second Label have grown a healthy family of producers around them, the likes of Der Opium Queen, G.E.O. Corp, Lee Kelly and Ellll to name a few.

It’s with this fellowship in mind that the All City Records’ affiliate have put together Completely Sold Out Rarities, a compilation featuring contributions from artists who’ve been close to the label for many years, as well as those who the label will be working with in the future. Initially released on a very limited compilation CD, First Second Label are now making the release available digitally for the first time so you can hear the 13 tracks from the comfort of your own home.

Our pick comes from the pairing of Moritz Von Paul AKA Leibniz and Felix Paul, who handled the third release on First Second back in 2017 on a split EP with DJ bwin. Individually they operate as DJ Ja and DJ Nein, but what do you get when you match them? DJ OK, of course. In a similar fashion to their last release, and their subsequent EP for hundert, on ‘Hamster Buys’ the duo match crunchy drum patterns and crisps breaks with dreamy synth pads.

*Completely Sold Out Rarities is out on 1st May – grab your copy from First Second Label.

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