Premiere: Takuya Matsumoto – Jump Rope Music (Different World Remix)

It was the record that made the accordion feel at home on the 21st century dance floor; the standout from Floating Points’ fabled RA mix five, yes five, years ago. Takuya Matsumoto’s ‘Jump Rope Music’. The original EP, released on Japanese label Lero two years prior to Floating Points’ pedestal moment, now fetches near £50 online, so, while the sharks continue to circle, this remix is a welcome safety raft.

It sits on a new EP from the the Japanese house producer, launching a new label from fellow countryman Takasi Nakajima, previously known for releases on Kirk Digiorgio’s Applied Rhythmic Technology, as well as his collaborations with Detroit’s Claude Young under their Different World alias. Nakajima and Young retain the Michigan themes of the EP, chopping the iconic accordion chords up to give them menace alongside piano stabs and an overall more driving momentum than the original. As if to thank the listener for their patience, the final two minutes gives way to the original melody hook and the daunting task of recreating a classic comes to a successful close.

Takuya Matsumoto – (Some Lost) Time is out 27th Oct on BM – buy from Bandcamp and Juno

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