Premiere: Brian Kage – Past Echoes (Detroit Mix)

Like any self-respecting artist from Detroit, Brian Kage starts with a strong kick drum, using this to hook melodic and percussive elements together.

Having released on FXHE, he is no stranger to fans of his city’s greatest musical export. Past Echoes EP is dedicated to Kage, but for one track from Chaval Records boss Victor Santana, and showcases the Detroit sound delicately and yet with force. Hooking into the powerful drum track, light pads lead to swelling percussion. With simplicity at its core, our pick from the EP, the ‘Detroit Mix’ takes us towards melody and the light, something that Derrick May and Octave One would be proud of. String elements build to a crescendo and, as all the elements merge together, there’s a beautiful melodic tinkle on the synth that adds that extra layer. Then suddenly, all is stripped away and we are left back where we started: with Detroit’s famous kick drum.

Brian Kage’s Past Echoes EP is out 29th May on Chaval Records – buy from Juno

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