Premiere: Mudd & Pollard – Far Away (Ron Trent Mix)

It is wholly appropriate that Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy founded Claremont 56 in the spring, for the past ten years the label has released music that can pull you out of the winter (mental, physical or actual). Ranging from balearic downtempo disco to more leftfield electronic endeavours, their self-confessed emphasis has always been on a single aesthetic: music that is beautiful. To mark their 10th anniversary, Murphy has compiled a star-studded selection of unreleased tracks and new remixes with support, for starters, from names like Larry Heard, Ron Trent and Bjorn Torske.

Mudd & Pollard’s ‘Far Away’ is aptly named and Ron Trent’s drifting remix doesn’t deviate from this original sentiment. Accentuating rather than manipulating the original, playful keyboard melodies, fleeting guitars and flutes, and a more percussive mix elongate the whimsically symphonic nature of the track. Nina Lares’ mesmeric vocals are used in the opposite direction ebbing, flowing, shorter and more sparingly deployed they, like the use of percussion, point toward Trent’s Chicago house roots. It is an example of the anniversary release at its best, a harmonious stylistic middle ground between Claremont’s carefully curated aesthetic and Murphy’s chosen contributing artists. Inescapably reminiscent of the impending warm evening that the label has become devoted to.

Claremont 56: 10 Years is out 31st April – buy from Bandcamp or Sounds of the Universe. Anyone who grabs the vinyl will also scoop the exclusive unreleased instrumentals of all the remixes on the comp.

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