Premiere: Auntie Flo – The Soniferous Garden

What’s better than an Auntie Flo track? A really long Auntie Flo track that never ends, of course. On his latest EP for tropical discotheque imprint Sofrito, Brian D’Souza delivers two transcendental 14 minute+ tracks incorporating musical elements from across Africa. The Soniferous Garden EP weaves together the Senegalese Sabar drum, Ugandan 10 string harp (adungu) and vocals of three musicians – Hakim Kiwanuka, Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi and Mama N’Dieck Seck Thiamhe – he met at the Santuri studios, a three day collaborative session at the Ugandan Bayimba arts festival in Kampala, in 2015. Made up of just two small rooms, Brian set his equipment up in one and had a queue of musicians wanting to record and experiment throughout his stay. 

The title track, of which we are premiering the shortened radio edit, takes its name from the writings of Canadian composer and environmentalist, R. Murray Schafer. To him, a soniferous garden is a place of “acoustic delights”, an “aural space of retreat from the oppressive overabundance of acoustic information that characterises the modern industrial world”. A perfect way to describe this magnificent and enriching piece of music, which draws the listener into a meandering, ever-evolving theme, weaving in and out of a rhythm that honours both traditional percussion and electronic production.

The Soniferous Garden EP is out 23rd January – pre-order from Bandcamp and Juno.

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