Premiere: D.Ball – Elements

Deep in the rave on Saturday night at this year’s Gottwood Festival, Matt Ward from Piccadilly Records was in a back to back session with DJs from Ruf Kutz and Wet Play. Matt dropped a test pressing which sent small but perfectly formed crowd at Ruffy’s Lab into ecstatic delirium, keeping the track closely guarded on the night he revealed a few days later that it was forthcoming on Manchester label Ourtime. Recorded in 2006, this is a record from Dave Ball aka D.Ball’s archives that has certainly stood the test of time, with each track on the EP giving a heavy nod to the machine soul of Detroit, not surprising when you consider it was created in the post-industrial cityscape of Salford.

‘Doreen’ and ‘Healer’ are both excellent tools, but ‘Element’ is where D.Ball has really excelled here. This is peak time fare that really tugs at the heartstrings, no thanks to the intricately woven polyrhythmic melodies that ebb and flow, culminating in an elated climax. Musicianship is what makes ‘Element’ such a wonderful piece of work and the release feel so timeless; indeed, this could stand up against a Spencer Kincy record from 1996 and still sound as inspiring as it will do in 2026. We predict this won’t leave your record bags for months, if not years.

Elements EP is out now – buy it from Vinyl Exchange and Piccadilly

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