Premiere: Benny Tones – Time (Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND Remix)

Individually and as a pair, Glenn Astro and IMYRMIND have become specialists in a lo-fi, jazzy and off-kilter kinda house sound that’s become synonymous with Oye Records, Tartelet and Money $ex Records. When on remix duties however, their methods can be rather more subtle, as displayed on the Erick Cosaque re-interpretation Glenn offered up for our 2015 Advent Calendar.

Like with the aforementioned, on ‘Time’ the duo give the structure of the original plenty of room to breath; just as well given the strength of Benny Tones‘ vocals, whose previous collaborations include fellow New Zealanders Electric Wire Hustle and Julien Dyne. Like a menagerie of tap-dancing horses, the shuffling percussion and off-beat rhythms are where this remix truly makes its mark and another example of the duo successfully stepping away from their usual sonic territory.

Benny Tones – Time is out now on Airdrop Records – buy from iTunes.

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