Premiere: Bakradze – Hand

Its no secret we’re fans of Georgian producer Bakradze (aka Gacha) and for good reason too. With a ear for a groove that wholly embraces the early evening dancefloor yet equally delights on a pure sonic level, Bakradze has once again produced a stunner with his latest EP. Before Time Altered Them Out EP is the third offering from his own label Transfigured Time and it’s quality is swelling at the seams.

Our pick of the bunch is the dark and funky ‘Hand’, which certainly pulls no punches. After being lead into the track with gleaming broken chords, periodically distorted, Bakradze introduces a kick and off beat hi-hats deepening the dour tension. Then building with a swelling bass synth line, like Floating Points achieves on ‘Nuits Sonores‘, sudden percussion stabs succeed in fully yanking you into the groove if you weren’t there already.

Before Time Altered Them Out EP is released on 16th October via Transfigured Time. Pre-order from Juno.

For more Bakdraze check out his Guide to Tbilisi and recent premieres of the beautiful ‘Quiet Loop‘ and ‘A Message From Home

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