Chaos In The CBD – Midnight In Peckham EP

Chaos In The CBD have had many sounds since their 2012 debut, ranging from Detroit-inspired bleep bloop techno to polished vocal deep house. However, it is with their new EP Midnight In Peckham that they have secured the sound that is their most distinctive, introspective and evocative – a sound we haven’t heard since the seminal 816 To Nunhead EP.

Throughout the EP it constantly feels like being taken for a ride through London very late at night (extremely fitting for EP’s title). ‘Trust Is Key’ begins the EP in such a driving position, with small waves of tension being built underneath the occasional “we trust eachother” sample. It sets the tone very nicely along with ‘Observe, which leaves you wondering if the New Zealand duo might have actually brought in a jazz drummer to lay down such well programmed percussive sounds. The bouncy jazz-piano is felt throughout ‘Luxury Motivation, with ‘Common Unity’ employing Archie Pelago to help with its interesting blend of sax and electro-style drum patterns.

The scope of this review is such that the praise for title track cannot be fully portrayed. Possibly being the finest deep house track of this year, ‘Midnight In Peckham’ delivers that wonderful trumpet not heard since 78 To Stanley Bay with an added plethora of emotional musicality. It feels like being in the middle of a DJ Sprinkles set, with nuance that is often omitted from the dance music of today. We should all be moving to Peckham immediately.

Chaos In The CBD’s Midnight In Peckham EP is available now via Rhythm Section.

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