Andres returns with gorgeous EP on his own label


Returning to his own label La Vida, on which he brought us the 2012 smash hit ‘New For U‘, DJ Dez Andres (aka Andrés) is set to release another EP of goodness that straddles the house/disco border perfectly. Almost reminiscent of material currently coming out of Boston, the heavily sampled title track ‘Believin takes elements from choral singing and has a brilliant message for the dancefloor: ‘everything will work out fine.’

‘Can’t Shake It’ has a lot of the same atmosphere as his earlier hit, with a similar kick-drum to give some momentum to the low pitch synth characteristic of a lot of Andrés’ music. Rounded off by ‘Jungle Pain’, a lounge-jazz track laced with the charm of a delicious disco cut, this EP will undoubtedly be heard everywhere in the next few months, and we won’t be tiring of it any time soon.

Listen to snippets of the EP here.

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