Khalil Anthony – Needed You Bad

Khalil Anthony‘s Needed You Bad makes for an excitingly perverted track; perverted in that good, thrilling sense of course. It starts off with a twisted Prince-esque pump, cuts to a jazzy Gene Kelly-like vocal bite then slips effortlessly back into the thumping sexed-up main body of the song. It all feels rather like a dream, a sequence of bizarre happenings and sensations that manage to merge together deliciously and effortlessly. Picture yourself walking through a fair ground, passing a broken Jack in a Box making out with Judy Garland , when all of a sudden  you look up to see Prince floating by on a soft cloud of leather. Or something like that anyway.

Keep an eye tomorrow, when we’ll be bringing you an exclusive dub version of a Khalil Anthony remix by STW favourite thatmanmonkz. 

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