Monday Morning Mixtape 391

Credit: Jamie Smed

Find ease in ambient, dub and meanderings through new wave for a springtime morning.

This week is curated by Xivro, DJ and radio producer at EHFM, whilst simultaneously hosting multiple shows on the Edinburgh-based station. They also run rising club night, Club Sylkie and can often be found on the airwaves of Aerial, Radio Buena Vida, and Subcity.

In their own words “This mix was pieced together as flowers started to bloom in the quiet street I live on, and references the sounds I wish to hear on warmer days, sitting in the park or by a river and just letting time pass me by”

`Catch more of xivro on future dates including
14/04: Xivro @ Nice n Sleazy’s
16/04: Terminal V 
28/04: Club Sylkie with Boosterhooch @ Sneaky Pete’s
11/06: Club Sylkie @ Hidden Door w/ KAVARI

Loris S Sarid & Innis Chonnel – glide 
Froid dub – shotgun’s dub 
Avi matos – hasheket shebach
Knowledge – axumite 
Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse Dub 2
Poison Girl Friend – Nobody
大橋純子 – 朝燒けに消えて
Kevin Low and Fiona Carlin – Change of Heart
Kolibro – What Tropical Bird Sings
Pawel’s Bar – Pharaohs 
Finis Africae – Hybla 
Wara – Canción Para una Nina Triste 
You’ll Never Get To Heaven – Shadow Garden
Cahill/Costello – We Rebuild Them

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