Stamp The Wax joins Mixcloud Select

Since the scare of having our Soundcloud account revoked a few years ago, the switch to Mixcloud was done through necessity but after years of support from their Community team, and steady growth, the advantages of focussing our mix hosting there have become more compelling. This was further strengthened by Mixcloud’s recent decision to announce Select, a fan-to-creator membership layer that strengthens the bond between creators, their fans and the artists included in the content.

Following this development, we have also decided to lay out a clearer plan for uploading our content. From now on, Mixcloud will be our primary mix platform with all our mixes premiered there one week before Soundcloud. 

We realise many of you prefer using Soundcloud and we don’t want to turn out back on that part of our audience, however we feel there are more important priorities than maximising plays and reach. As Katia Mullova has detailed in her Reflections pieces about Spotify Unwrapped and Lessons from Covid-19, the industry needs to find better ways of paying artists for the music they make.

Mixcloud Select represents the best way for us to contribute to this through the mixes we upload, and the best way for you to support both the artists you’re hearing and us for managing the content.

Subscription costs £2.99/month. Of that 65% goes toward the artists, labels and publishers who own the rights to the tracks played in our uploads. 5% goes towards a transaction fee and the remaining 30% is split between the Stamp The Wax as the “creator” and Mixcloud. It takes us a lot of time and love to curate the numerous mix series on the site, so the support from you and Mixcloud is hugely valuable in remaining sustainable. 

Your subscription also comes with the added benefits of being able to download all mixes to your phone for offline listening, and not being restricted by ads or playback restrictions. 

You can learn more about Mixcloud Select here, and subscribe to STW’s Mixcloud Select channel here,

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