Monday Morning Mixtape 387

Credit: J. S.

Take a beat with Danish balearic and Belfast sci-funk to ambient and Canadian electro-funk.

This week is curated by a Manchester-based DJ Almo, who has previous residencies at Spiritland in London and making regular appearances at the renowned Brilliant Corners. Whilst also playing the likes of Dimensions and Gottwood, he has done sets as far as Tokyo to Tel Aviv.

In his words “This Monday Morning Mixtape is a reflection of new beginnings. The music is taken from poignant moments in my life and layered in are some personal voice note recordings. With hard times gone by and sacrifices made, I’m back where I belong, blissfully contempt and happy with life. Can you feel it?”

For more Almo, head to his Mixcloud; he also plays at NAM in Manchester on 26 March, where he’ll be journeying through balearic, disco, house and techno that’s packed with excitement and feeling.

Intro taken from Sultanat soundtrack
G.S. Schray – The Unused Detail
Horizont – Light Of Darkness
Coastlines – Drifting Ice
A Vision of Panorama – Seaside Tune
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber (Future 3 Rework)
Space Dimension Controller – Simmering Emotion (Stay With Me)
Air – Alone in Kyoto
Past Lives – Drifting Sands
Khotin – Alla’s Scans (Original Mix)
Air Project – Rap Yourself
Chocolate Tannoy – Over The Bridge
The Pilotwings – Shiva Dans Le Jura
Joseph Shabason – Broken Hearted Kota
Robert Leiner – Dream Or Reality
Jesse Futerman Ft. Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Luckey
Quiet Force – Listen To The Music

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