Monday Morning Mixtape 378

Credit: Anton Stuk

Sit still in UK alternative elevator pop and ethereal wave to New York motorik and 80s downtempo.

Today is curated by Sheffield-based DJ and radio host, babyschön. Her monthly show ‘Hot Love’ (on Narr Radio, which she co-founded) explores the seedy and slinky realms of post-punk, new wave and synth-pop.

In her own words “I’ve gathered some of my favourite woozy sounds to guide you through a dark winter morning.”

Catch more of babyshön over on her Soundcloud.

Japan – Ghosts
Youth Lagoon – Through Mind and Back
Dean Blunt – Crushed
House of John Player – Jupiter [unreleased]
Woo – Om Shanti
Beach Boys – All I Wanna Do
Mazzy Star – Rhymes Of An Hour
Cocteau Twins – Sugar Hiccup
Broadcast – Ominous Cloud
Shangri Las – Out in the Streets
Electrelane – The Valleys
Martin Rev – Coal Train
Kate Bush – Watching You Without Me
The B-52’s – Deep Sleep
Planet Haha – Home
Operating Theatre – Spring is Coming with a Strawberry in the Mouth

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