Premiere: Emissive – Sidewalk Jam

Vancouver label Pacific Rhythm is Canada’s ground zero for dusty house, making it the perfect home for Emissive‘s lustrous chords. The Toronto producer, real name Evan Vincent, crafts sun-kissed grooves using rippling synths, hints of progressive jazz and minimal arrangements that connect the dots between house, ambient and downtempo. His chords are evocative, conjuring feelings of earth tones, summer breezes and close friendships, as they traverse through shades of disco and funk.

‘Sidewalk Jam’, fresh off his new EP Wave Science, is a boogie-driven cut with retro effects, quavering acid lines and so much warmth that it could heat up an icebox. A tribute to the Black American roots of electronic music, the track is unquestionably smooth but it also packs a high energy density that gives it a vibrating sensation. A meeting of melody and meditation, ‘Sidewalk Jam’ is a welcome dose of TLC just when we need it the most.

Wave Science will be released on 2nd June. Grab your copy from Pacific Rhythm.

Stamp The Wax · Emissive – Sidewalk Jam (STW Premiere)

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