Premiere: Lipelis – Mmeet

As Russia’s war against Ukraine rages on, Russian people continue to try to disperse the fog of propaganda that permeates the country and perpetuates Russia’s jingoistic militarism. In partnership with Global Warming Records, Yssue has compiled 22 artists across Russia that stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and hope to foster peace. Condemnation of the war and calls to peace follow a commensurate response to help some of Ukraine’s most vulnerable, with all the proceeds of the compilation going to emergency efforts coordinated by War Child.

The compilation is incredibly diverse, drawing from all corners of the country and all facets of the Russian underground. Amongst the most notable names here is the endlessly inventive and affable Muscovite Lipelis, who has released records through L.I.E.S., Public Possession, Mysticisms, and a litany of others. His contribution ‘Meet’ recalls some of the best moments of Dougans and Cobain’s numerous pseudonyms, as well as their brightest contemporaries in Britain’s early 90s; it’s a slamming breakbeat track that is sluiced with dreamy technoid elements as it progresses.

НЕТ МОЛЧАНИЮ – Russian Music for Peace releases on 6th August via Global Warming Records.

Stamp The Wax · Lipelis – Mmeet (STW Premiere)

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