Premiere: Donald’s House – Budge-E Beat

When it comes to sublime sounds and picturesque backdrops, there are few that do it as well as Wax’o Paradiso. Running psychedelic sonic marathons for almost a decade, the parties helmed by Edd Fisher and Simon TK are renowned for their lush, iconic and often unconventional settings paired with sun-soaked tunes. 

With the title of Naarm’s finest party purveyors firmly under their belts, the duo take the label route to salute the idyllic Australian landscapes that have housed their events, mirroring them through organic, transcendent sounds from Australia’s canon of homegrown talent.  

Following on from the inaugural release by OK EG, Wax’o Paradiso turns to another local duo – Donald’s House – for a second dose of meditative, textural rhythms. Known for both their trippy Italo-tinged grooves and spacious Balearic soundscapes, Wax’o Paradiso Recordings feels like a fitting home for the brothers’ ever evolving sound. 

Glistening textures surrounded by plush percussion from Phil Stroud provide a dreamy introduction to the release. It then treads further into ethereal territory with soaring pads and cosmic synths paving the way to our pick, ‘Budge-E Beat’: a muscular Italo leaning cut with bright chords enveloped in a celestial mist.

37° South will be released on Wax’o Paradiso in late June.

Stamp The Wax · Donald’s House – Budge-E Beat (STW Premiere)

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