Monday Morning Mixtape 349

Credit: The Los Angeles Recordings

Sink into jazz house and floating ambient to smooth rnb and emotive indie.

This week is curated by Manchester-based DJ, music journalist and producer, leoleoleo, who after running parties in Sheffield he began DJing full time and has spent lockdown making techno.

In his words: “I don’t often get to listen to music just for pleasure on a Monday morning, but if I did, this is what I’d want. Aiding that fragile ease back into reality, turning up the comfort, familiarity and motivation dials, but always keeping things below a level 4 or 5.”

Catch leoleoleo playing at Europe’s first ever NFT festival with Mosca, Mim Sulieman and Admin on May 18th and Dalston Roof Park/Metropolis on July 3rd with Bill Brewster and Norman Jay

Axel Boman – Echoes Of My Mind
Julianna Barwick – Safe
SAULT – Rise
Refreshers – Moving Up Dub
Philip Bailey – Once in a Lifetime`
Empire of the Sun – Country
Tour-Maubourg – Ode to Love
Brian Eno – Tal Coat
serpentwithfeet – Same Size Shoe
Beyoncé – Sorry (Original Demo)
Vampire Weekend – I Think UR a Contra 
Elvis Presley – Blue Moon (Take 9/M)
Laura Groves – Red
Eddie Chacon – Papa 
The Cryin’ Shames – Please Stay

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