Monday Morning Mixtape 341

Credit: Alba García Aguado

Contemplate in Japanese leftfield and LA singer-songwriter to Nigerian-via-USA highlife and new wave from the Netherlands.

This is week is curated by Bobby Myseh who hosts a monthly residency with the London-based collective, Music Box Radio.

In his own words ” I tend to start my mixes with downtempo, folk-y and soulful sounds and then ascend towards more upbeat tones. So it felt like a rare treat to play out a full hour of consciously softer tracks. Listening back, I feel like it weaves a quiet optimism through melancholy, which whilst unintentional, might feel quite fitting in a time of tentative personal and collective easement. I made the mix across different parts of London, in the process of moving homes – which allowed for reflection and tinkering in different spaces, perhaps giving the selections both a transient and purposeful feel.”

Chassol – Dosidomifa, Pt II
Fumihiro Murakami – Miko
Duval Timothy – Fall Again
Solomon Ilori – Aiye Le (The Troubled World)
Blue Eyed Soul – Ain’t No Weight
Esther Phillips – That’s All Right With Me
Sweet and Innocent – Express Your Love
Whole Truth – Can You Lose By Following God
Eunice Collins – At the Hotel
Mia Doi Todd – Summer Lover
Dwight Sykes – Walk With Me
Better Person – Somebody Cares
Spike – Take No More
Brian Green & Saul Nathan – Indian Dream
Batteaux – Living’s Worth Loving
Timmothy – You’re Stayin’ Here Tonight
Bobby Wright – Everyone Should Have His Day
Reggie – I Don’t Wanna Feel No More

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