Monday Morning Mixtape 319

Credit: raysnaps

Meander from 1972 Library jazz, 1986s Swedish ambient to 1983 German electronic folk and 1997 French downtempo.

This week is curated by Tele talks, who is co-founder of Belgian creative community Plein Sud and part of the Crevette Records family. Also co-owner of the soon to be born label ‘undo seat belts’, who’s first October bound release, is to be a cassette made during quarantine by Mozaika – one half of the Vitesse duo, and Tele talks himself.  

In his own words a “melancholic mix for lost souls on a not so sunny morning. Going from Belgian love poetry to some more positive Israeli Synth-pop and ending with some less positive UK wave.”

Tine Ruysschaert – Zie Je, Ik Hou Van Je 
Barry Forgie – Mediterranee 
Gus Neyrinck – Let’s Work It Out Take 4
Arik Rudich – Satalla 
Twice A Man – The Witches 
Sammy Osmo – Voor Een Grotere Zaak 
Swanox – Tess 
Paul Esslinger – Ancora 
The Sons Of Sono – The Long Road 
Blancmange – Sad Day 
A Reminiscent Drive – New Jerusalem 
Decades – Hell 
Unidentified Musical Object – U.M.O One 

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