Monday Morning Mixtape 318

Credit: Ffion Atkinson

Melt in sonics of soothing ambient and dubby bassline to electronic indie and deep house.

This week is curated by Matthew Barnett, boss of Room II Records, who release “leftfield-ish dance and electronic music.”

In his own words “I’m really obsessed with music that has space and room to breathe throughout tempos and genres. This is my best effort to put that together.”

Slacker – For Cecilia 
r beny – florescent dream
Dylan Henner – Little Frogs Swam by Every Now and Then 
Soreab – Dramas
Aphex Twin – We Are The Music Makers
Crystal Castles – Magic Spells
Bunzinelli – Hyperloop 
Instra:mental – Photograph 
DJ Sports – Test Ride
Suze – Porpita (DNB – Modular Arps)
Escape Artist – Zenith 
Brainwaltzera – 0Swald trace [-/+2]
Flying Monkey – And There She Was 
K Lone & Ill Chill – Hope (Instrumental) 
Cuna – 1, 5m 
Parris – Puro Rosaceaes
Dean Blunt – as long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel

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