Premiere: Lexx feat. Harriet Brown – Hot Weather (Dub)

It is often said – possibly in old wives’ tales – that if you keep an eye on the year’s standout reissues, you’ll notice a ripple in the water, a smell in the air about what’s to come.

You could see, in the wake of Soichi Terada’s Sounds From The Far East, how the rest of 2015 belonged to Japanese house; similarly the following year, DJ Okapi’s Boogie Breakdown led to a renaissance of the South African bubblegum and synth-disco sound. And so, in 2018, with the Ruf Dug-curated holy grail reissue of Bô-vel’s Manchester anthem ‘Check 4 U‘, there’s already signs that street soul is limbering up for a splash in 2018.

Those ripples have quickly reached Zurich with the next release on Phantom Island; as a longstanding advocate on his Test Pressing site, one suspects the release’s co-author Apiento may have something to do with this transfusion across The Channel. On Hot Weather, he and Phantom Island co-leader Lexx offer individual interpretations of an initial collaborative writing session, both linking with L.A. singer Harriet Brown on vocals. Lexx’s dub version stood out for its Prince-like seduction, new age guitars and dubbed out balearic rhythm. Maybe not Street Soul in the original sense but who needs more cheap imitations anyway? Revivals are built on the strength of new interpretations and this is an encouraging early sign.

Hot Weather is out 12th September – buy from Phonica and Juno.

Listen and read the Diggers Directory from Phantom Island co-lead Kejeblos.

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