Premiere: Arthur’s Landing – Love Dancing (Version)

New York group Arthur’s Landing, who initially formed to play Arthur Russell’s famed songs at leisure, are back after a hiatus of several years, this time on Buddhist Army, with their Spring Collection EP. The first track is our pick, covering probably Russell’s most famous composition with its original title ‘Love Dancing’. The song, which in its time, and with the original male vocal, became something of a gay anthem, is lovingly recorded here, with both male and female vocals providing a beautiful balance. The instrumental backing is relaxed and free-flowing, and with percussive elements that are calmer and more considered than the original, it gives it an altogether different sound, but almost unmistakably Russell. There’s a very natural feeling to the song, following the formula of the original, which was recorded in one take on the night of a full moon.

The Spring Collection EP is out digitally on the 30th March.

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