Premiere: Alek Lee – Arad Sdom

The Tel Aviv music scene has gained a lot of recognition for itself, thanks to the unique sound of new-wave electronic focused dance music coming out of the city, headed up by duo Red Axes and their extended Garzen Records label family. Part of that family is the enigmatic producer and percussionist Alek Lee, who earned himself a rightful reputation as one of the most interesting producers of 2017, upon the release of his debut EP, Sfarot (Antinote Records) and as one third of the live balearic trio, Shame On Us.

Alek Lee is back with his sophomore and independently released EP, Gever Amiti. Lee’s signature live-recorded percussive melodies, joined by divine guitar riffs laid down by The White Screen’s Gilbert Broid, brings a real musicality to our chosen track, Arad Sdom, making it so much more than just a dance-floor groover. Accompanied by a beautiful and emotive video made by Roe E Shlati and Lee, “Arad Sdom is a name of a road in the south of Israel, on the way to the Dead Sea. This road is known for its very intense mountainy-circly road and turns, which lead to many accidents. I named the tune after this road before I even started working on it, with it in my mind as a reference and inspiration.”

Arad Sdom is available now on Bandcamp, catch Alek Lee at the Gever Amiti EP release party in Jaffa on 22nd December, location TBA.  

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