Premiere: Gal PRZ – Somar

We’re not going to lie, Tel Aviv is a pretty sexy place. Everyone’s half naked thanks to the humidity, the food is so delicious it turns you on and the people…well what do you think happens when you have a population mix of north Africans, Europeans and Middle Easterns? It’s no surprise then, that the city also puts out some of the smoothest and most sensual house. Which is exactly what this summery release is, by Gal PRZ, on the brand new local label, Bauhaus Records. Named in homage to the White City’s UNESCO recognised collection of Bauhaus architecture, and founded by two residents of world-famous The Block club, Amichay Matyas and YOGO. This is definitely a label and record to add to your bag for late summer nights.

Bauhaus 001 is out on 12” this September, available for pre-order

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