Premiere: Larry De Kat – Do For Love (ft. Juno)

Playfully soulful Dutch producer producer, Larry de Kat, is multi faceted feline who clearly has an ear for the groove. His latest project, Un Olandese a Milano, is really quite hard to put in a box, as it moves between sounds of rnb, soul, jazz, italo and disco. There is this divine warm feeling, which runs through the project, gliding between D’Angelo’s slipped up neo-soul sounds all the way into an Italo Disco drive. Opening up the masterful album is ‘Do For Love’, a soulfully dubbed out rnb track, featuring newcomer Juno on vocals and Thomas van Dijik on keys.

Un Olandese a Milano is available for pre-order, out on September 28th on Katnip. 

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