Premiere: Andi Hanley – Ba Nou

Ruf Dug’s imprint Ruf Kutz has been consistently hitting the mark since 2010. A leisurely 13 EPs and 2 cassettes in the last seven years have explored synth-laden, slow-motion, cosmic influenced, acoustic percussion, 80s alluding euphoric, atmospheric music. Despite interesting interludes, the label has largely been dominated by Ruf Dug himself and Glowing Palms. Resultantly, they are the two producers responsible for cultivating a consistently playful sound, often eluding classification and uncompromising in quality. Unexpected, sometimes obscure and unusual sampling married with original production and the occasional hard to detect cover characterises the label’s library.

Despite this, RK12 saw a change in the form of Garth Be’s label debut, a downtempo dusty, percussive house five-track EP. Continuing this trend, and keeping things in Manchester, RK13 is home to Andi Hanley, secretly regarded as the unoffical fourth member of New York’s famous Body & Soul – or so the northern folklore goes. Over the course of four tracks and a double 140g vinyl package, he introduces himself via an ethereal chugging international disco workout.

‘Ba-Nou’, the B1, opens with island jungle howls, guitar groans and clattering atmospheric percussion, led by an infectious bassline and further funk guitar work. The introductory collective are joined by a striking lead voice, happy hypnotic chorus vocals and a harmonious brass ensembles that make up the leading melodic components of the song. A-formulaic the track continues as it begins, characterised by mesmeric rhythm that fails to take a breath during a time-bending nine minutes. Ultimately, label head Ruf Dug perhaps puts it best: “If u don’t know about Andi it’s your loss and no amount of Googling Resident Advisor is gonna help u this time.” Already getting support from Antal and Francois K, you can feel the rumblings around this record, so Andi’s anonymity can’t be staying for long.

RK#13 is out 17th July – buy from Juno and Red Eye. Grab what’s left of the Ruf Kutz catalogue from their Bandcamp.

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