Premiere: Glowing Palms – Koh

Glowing Palms’ approach to making music is delightfully irreverent. He brazenly paints his songs in broad strokes of colour, which offers a refreshing alternative in the world of house music that can have a tendency to get a bit chin-strokey at times. All Glowing Palms’ music has been released of Ruf Dug’s label, Ruf Kutz, which provides a fitting home for his playful aesthetic. ‘Koh’ is one of Glowing Palms’ two contributions to Ruf Kutz 11, which also contains two pieces from Ruf Dug himself.

The track is made from a palette of racing cowbells, shrill yelps and bold synth lines, taking clear inspiration from Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham’s ‘Timbuktu (Pan-Afrikan Electro Dub)’. In another artist’s hands the use of these three different prominent elements could leave the song sounding cluttered, but in ‘Koh’ they are tersely fitted together to ensure they don’t run away from each other. The technical competence of this songwriting illustrates how, beneath the flippant approach of Glowing Palms’ work, he is also an excellent musician.

RK11 is out 9th May – pre-order from Juno. Watch the visuals to ‘Koh’ above, cooked up in the Ruf Kutz lab, by Señor Pams himself. Catch Glowing Palms at Farm Fest (29th-30th July).

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