Premiere: Lena d’Água – Tao

On hearing the intro melody for this song, you would be forgiven in thinking this song is of Japanese decent. In actual fact it is a resissue of Lena d’Água, one of Portugal’s greatest musical acts form the 1980s. Lena was the first prominent female bandleaders of Portugal back then and the timeless beauty of her voice drifts dreamily in a siren-like state, over the Eastern-influenced melody in Tao. A song combining traditional eastern musicality with a new age synthesized sound. The re-issue is the first project by the brand new label Strangelove Music, an Antipodean based record label exploring both forgotten and new musical treasures.

Jardim Zoológico 12″ will be reissued on 180gr vinyl in late April 2017 on Strangelove Music

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