Premiere: Krywald & Farrer – Innacamo

Gottwax, the imprint run by the team of visionaries behind one of the UK’s finest small festivals, Gottwood, are readying their third release this month. Each aiming to capture the essence of the festival, previous V/A EPs have included contributions from Cottam, Ruf Dug and Luv*Jam. Although all the tracks on the upcoming edition are a tantalising taste of summer and the good times to come, our pick is Innacamo by Percolate affiliates Krywald & Farrer.

The syncopated hiss of the electronic hats and the rigid programmed kick are juxtaposed to the soulful, cathartic chanting and organic percussion. Tradition meets the contemporary, natural meets synthetic in a unifying, infectious dance. Its irresistible swing is a powerful drug, its jubilance contagious. Listen with caution.

Gottwax EP 3 is out 16th April – pre-order from Juno or deejay. Gottwood Festival takes place 9th-11th June.

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