Premiere: OKRAA – Arbol Ex-Humano

London-based party and label Earthly Measures‘ globe-trotting ethos has already resulted in a string of releases which have profiled a myriad of artists and sounds from across the Global South. Concerning themselves predominantly with shamanistic rhythms, psychedelic downtempo, folktronica and Latin-influenced electronics, so far the label have made several pitstops in Argentina, Honduras and Colombia.

It’s the latter country that they revisit for the imprint’s 13th release. A deeply personal release, in both sound and name Colombian producer OKRAA pays tribute to his home, from native communities and traditions to musical rhythms and instrumentation. He fuses these elements with contemporary electronic flourishes; the old and the new come together like a tapestry, with echoes of acid, electro, house and UK bass woven through the traditionally rooted sounds.

Espíritus will be released on 27th May on Earthly Measures.

Stamp The Wax · OKRAA – Arbol Ex-Humano (STW Premiere)

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