Premiere: Prequel – Chant For You

It was back in November when Melbourne producer Prequel made his jazz-tinctured entrance into our lives with the luminous 4-track house offering on Bradley Zero‘s Rhythm Section International. Polite Strangers offered beats teetering on the lighter side of the dance music, overflowing with sweet-sounding melodies and a strong backbone that balanced perfectly with the vibe inside Peckham’s Canavan’s Pool Club – home to Rhythm Sections’ bi-monthly festivities.

Due to drop next month, the Australian producer will be featured on a compilation release from vinyl-only label Transfigured Time, alongside Bakradze, Akwaaba, General Ludd, Tenderlonious and Jordan Blacksmith. Today we’re premiering Prequel’s track, which brings together afro-centric tones with a jazzy Middle Eastern shuffle.

We caught up with Prequel for a quick mosey about the release, which you can read below.

Ritual in Transfigured Time Vol.2 is out 17th July on Transfigured Time.

‘Chant For You’ seems to seamlessly fuse sounds and influences from all over the world. Where was your head when you were making this one?

I was trying to make something with a bit more of an “ethnic” tinge. I wanted to fuse African chants and Middle Eastern sounds with my love of Jazz. The chants I used were from an old record I almost forgot I had and when I was making the song I thought having that element would really bring everything together. It also rhythmically fit into the bass sample in a way I really liked.

What samples did you use for this?

That’s a secret 🙂

How did the track come together in the end?

I added that intro part at the end actually after playing that record out a lot. The bass sample I manipulated from a 3/4 time signature to a 4/4, it was something I had remembered Q-Tip saying he did in his RBMA lecture when he was talking about making the beat for Excursions. The second part with the bass and the chords together was the same process.

Those little piano loops that come in around 1:39 are a bit of a tip of that hat to Falty DL who does a similar kind of thing in some of his productions. Makes is sound like one of those old school western saloon pianos.

I like my productions to have as much movement and rhythm as possible so I just added some percussion loops from a few different records (some Latin and Brazilian stuff) and some other little bits too. Keeping the “house” feel I put the hi hat on the off beat and also wanted to end the track with just the chant.

How did you get involved with Transfigured Time?

Gacha actually hit me up on soundcloud and said he liked my Polite Strangers EP and told me about his new label and the comps he wanted to do. I sent him some stuff and he initially chose another track of mine called Freedom that up until the very last stages was going to be my contribution. He emailed me and said he and the other guys actually preferred to have Chant for the comp so I mixed it and sent it over.

Not including your own of course, what’s your favourite track on the V/A? 

Favourite is Tenderlonious – Contrast. He is coming out with some very good stuff at the moment and this is no exception.

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