New Release: Nu Brand Flexxx – Spellbound

Label: NYC/LND
Genre: Grime/UK Hip-hop
Members: Saskilla,Boyadee and Peigh (also Infa Red, Hoodlem, Brags, Tall Kid, Meter and Blacks)
Based: London
Formed: 2004
Sounds Like: Dot RottenGiggsSnoop Dogg

“Nu brand flexxx is not just a group, it’s a lifestyle”. So reads the about-box on the group’s Facebook page – an elaborate claim, but one that is justified in the video of their latest release, Spellbound.  In a world where rappers have a lot to say for themselves, the message of this drug and Haribo fuelled affair is simple: sit back, relax and take time to enjoy life. With a chilled, hypnotic beat and lyrical flow to match, Spellbound creates the perfect soundtrack for such an occasion. Given their approach to music, Nu Brand have drawn comparisons to Wiz Khalifa, but these guys have been doing their thing for much longer. If any connection is to be made, it should be to Outkast, simply for the variety of material they produce. With a Conservative Party anthem, a poppier ode to London Fashion Week, and more traditional grime tracks backing up  Spellbound, all are produced with a touch of style and humour that makes Nu Brand a very interesting prospect.


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