Premiere: Aisha Zoe – Flowers (K15’s Sunbeam Mix)

Taking on a piece of music as seminal as Andrew Ashong’s ‘Flowers‘ is as daunting as it is exhilarating. How can you respectfully interpret a track that has already brought so much joy and inspiration? Going where few others have dared, London vocalist Aisha Zoe heads up a project with seven British artists to reimagine the famous work into three different creations.

The process began with Aisha seeking endorsement from Ashong, after she laid down new vocals. Once approved they were then recorded over a beat by Liston and sent to K15 and Warren Xclnce to put their own spin on it. The reinterpretation didn’t stop there. For the artwork, a portrait of Aisha taken by Lily MC was given a new sheen by artist Emily Evans, who produced something different for each track.

Of the three final products, K15’s broken beat effort was our standout. Morphing Aisha’s vocals around skipping flute melodies and thudding kick drum, it becomes something that strays far enough from the original to take on its own character, while still respecting its initial triumph.

All three tracks are available for free download from Aisha’s Bandcamp

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