Jack Steadman – I Will Change You

If you’re a fan of Bombay Bicycle Club, then you might be familiar with the side-project of frontman Jack Steadman. His solo handiwork has definitely shifted over the years, from an acoustic cover of Jackson C Frank’s Blues Run the Game (perhaps the seed of BBC’s most recent album Flaws) to Instrumental Hip-hop remixes of the band’s own material. I hesitate to call it a side-project – it’s just Jack having fun when he’s not with the band – but when we discovered his Soundcloud page, I Will Change You really stood out and we think it deserves to be taken more seriously. This is a 2-step treasure combining cloudy pads, a bubbling synth line and sweetly-chopped vocals driven on the crest of a shuffled beat. So from Folk to Future Garage, it seems Mr Steadman really is a ‘Jack’ of all trades. It’s even got us wondering whether the future sound of Bombay Bicycle Club will be more Thom Yorke than Radiohead. Either way, we’re excited, and so should you be listening to this.

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