bombay bicycle club

Live Review: Dog Is Dead @ Thekla, Bristol – 21 February

Standing in a sparsely populated hull of a ship is already an odd sensation. This is multiplied however when waiting to see a five-piece from Nottingham that operates under the name ‘Dog Is Dead’. Naturally with this kind of name one might expect a virile metal concoction to make your ears weep. Yet the noise that emerged was entirely different. I’d be lying if I said their sound wasn’t essentially poppy, with strong hooks and brazen melodies, but unlike much other cannon fodder around at the moment, they manage to dunk these tunes into a layer of simple synth and tasty harmonies you can sink your teeth into. Moreover, the versatility of this band meant they were able to produce a saxophone to delicately (and rather brashly at times) play alongside the riffs, giving them a slight edge in this indie dog-eat-dog world.

New Release: Jack Steadman – Mahalia

We posted on Jack’s solo project back in May this year – introducing the world to the Future-Garage vibes of I Will Change You. Since then, he’s been busy touring the world with his band Bombay Bicycle Club, promoting their third album A Different Kind of Fix (which is really good by the way, go cop that). So it’s nice to know he’s got enough musical juices left in him after all that to then sit down and create songs like Mahalia…