Premiere: Yosh – Follow The Leader

Self-dubbed servers of ‘intergalactic Crud’, London’s Timehri are back with another exploration into contemporary UK Garage. The platform – run by DJ T Dunn – has built a reputation for reframing these raw early noughties sounds, that were birthed in the label boss’ home city, and platforming the new wave of artists who are pushing forward the genre in the present day.

Following 12″ EPs from DJ Perception and Highrise and two split tape mixes, the label bring on board underground stalwart Yosh, and one of the minds behind said tape mix, which featured entirely his own productions. His signature break-step vibrations are on display across the three tracks on Space Freight. There’s plenty of warm sub bass, choppy drums and vocal samples throughout, but it’s a tale of two halves, with the A-side bringing the fresh bass weight and the B-Side harking back to the early days of UK G.

Space Freight is out on 29th March on Timehri.

Stamp The Wax · Yosh – Follow The Leader (STW Premiere)

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