Premiere: Roy Davis Jr. – I Am

Launched in an aim to level the playing field in electronic music, the team behind newly minted Parisian label Friendsome Records are seeking to create a balanced and inclusive platform for artists of all genders, race, age and background. Beyond this, the collective hope to bring a bit of joy and happiness through their output, and they’re already off to a very good start with their inaugural release: a three-tracker from Chicago house veteran Roy Davis Jr.

Roy’s discography stretches back three decades, with his soulful and raw approach to production leading to a lengthy string of releases for the likes of Strictly Rhythm, Ubiquity, XL Recordings, Peacefrog and countless others. On his new EP, Wind Of Change, he takes it back to the analog sounds that first got him into house music, digging out his classic MPC 60, Roland Tr 808, TB 303 and Moog for the occasion to channel what house feels like to him.

Our pick ‘I Am’ is a certified ear worm. It’s transcendent, joyful, stripped back house music without the bells and whistles. Brimming with pure raw charm, the undulating acid bass, blissful pads and warm melodies swiftly carry you away for its six-minute duration.

Stamp The Wax · Roy Davis Jr – I Am (STW Premiere)

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