Premiere: Regularfantasy – Believe That

Purveyors of music by women and gender minorities, LA-based label SOS Music return to commemorate the restoration of nightlife for their sophomore release. Following on from the momentous release of SOS Music Vol 1, the second edition sees co-founders Maddy Maia and Tottie reach out to some of the most exciting emerging names around the world, culminating in a seven-track EP that is the living embodiment of sweat-soaked dance floors.

Among those names is Canadian DJ, producer and vocalist, Regularfantasy. Known for her fun and infectious dancefloor-friendly rhythms that ooze with emotion, ‘Believe That’ has Regularfantasy stamping her signature style on the EP. The track bathes in luxury and sentiment, rich with timeless deep house references. Glittering chimes and sultry yet ghostly vocals deliver an astral essence, alongside a chugging bass line and uplifting chords for that late-night euphoric feeling. 

SOS Music Vol 2 comes out on 19 November on vinyl and digital.

Stamp The Wax · Regularfantasy – Believe That (STW Premiere)

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