Premiere: Tamir Hassan – Sitapur

Following Autarkic’s A Beautiful Picture, Age of Self’s sophomore release comes from Tel Aviv-based multi-instrumentalist Tamir Hassan. Hassan is a student of the sitar and a bassist who has played with Red Axes and Soda Fabric. He’s also an adept producer with broad tastes, channeling these diverse streams into his own work. Guitarot is his solo debut and draws equally from his fondness for Indian classical music and droning guitar bands. The result is dense psychedelia that sits alongside the transcontinental fusion and new wave sonics of Sheila Chandra’s Monsoon project. 

‘Sitapur’ is most demented slice of psychedelia on here: an uncanny marriage of drum machine motorik and synth lines with the hypnotic drone of the sitar and guitar. The melodic bassline carries along as the song gets further out there- it’s transposed across the sitar and guitar which Tamir sends through a miasma of delay and tremolo. It’s a trip!

Stamp The Wax · Tamir Hassan – Sitapur (STW Premiere)

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