Premiere: M!R!M – Peninsula

Under the guise of M!R!M, Italian-born, London-based artist Jack Milwaukee explores his formative inspirations: a bright and punchy cocktail of 80s-leaning synth-pop, cold wave and dark wave. Until now these musings have been shared with the world on releases for Fabrika, Manic Depression and AVANT! – the Italian label that houses his next release, Time Traitor.

Marking his fourth album and his first long player in two years, after a pandemic hiatus, the 10-track release is his most personal work to date, likely down to a prolonged period of isolation spent writing and recording music in his bedroom. Each track tells a story beyond the sounds, of which there are many – think Italo, pop-punk, 80s synth wave, breezy Balearic synth-pop and acoustic interludes, all collectively painting a sound world that’s sowed by “foggy memories of a collective childhood”.

Time Traitor will be released on AVANT! on 22nd April.

Stamp The Wax · M!R!M – Peninsula (STW Premiere)

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